questions and answers

Where does Chillaz produce?

Our entire textile production is located in Turkey. To be exact to the left of the Bosporus, that is, geographically speaking Europe. We have been working closely with our local partners for more than 15 years, have built and further developed our own production. This is the only way to meet our high quality requirements. The required substances or fibers come from well-known manufacturers from Turkey, Austria and Italy.

Is Chillaz clothing vegan?

Not 100%, partly our caps and so many warm parts in the collection are made of wool. In general, however, we try to avoid it. To pay it safe, you can find the exact composition in each product description.

How sustainable are Chillaz products produced?

Sustainability is, unfortunately, a word often used too frequently. For us, it is a matter of course that we treat people and the environment fairly. We rather call our actions "business with common sense".

Our materials are specifically selected, from the fiber to the dye used. We are particularly focused on natural and ecologically efficient fibers such as Modal and Lyocell (Tencel®). Through modern production facilities we are able to further reduce water consumption and the use of chemicals.

Short delivery distances are also of great concern to us. This protects both the environment and our nerves. Many of the materials used come from Turkey and from Europe. Since we take care of our own production in Turkey, we are very flexible. We are fast on site with our , washers, printers and dyers, etc. Of course, we can not look over everyones shoulder, but we are choosing our suppliers and producers very carefully.

Is organic cotton used?

Due to the difficult traceability, we do not use organic cotton. There is far more supply of organic cotton than is actually biologically produced. The many organic certificates and labels do not change this either. As long as we can not say with a clear conscience that our cotton fabrics are really 100% biological, we keep our hands off. In any case, we will strive for organic cotton and not lose sight of it, since an enormous use of chemicals is necessary for the production of this fiber. Therefore, we use Modal and Tencel® in many of our products and because of many other positive properties.