Facts and figures

Raw materialBeech wood
Country of originAustria
Moisture transport++
Drying time~
Tensible strength+
Smell development+
Skin sensibility++

The raw material - beech wood

Lenzing Modal® is made of beech wood and thus consists of 100 % nature. The secret of success is pure beech cellulose. The cellulose manufactured in Lenzing is won from domestic woods and used for the production of Lenzing Modal. Highest fiber quality is guaranteed by a control of the entire production process - from the wood to the fiber.

The raw material is decisive for a continuous quality and makes Lenzing Modal® so unique. Cellulose as well as the fiber production are guided by the principle of sustainability. Thus chemicals and by-products, which are an outcome of the production process, are resold as valuable substances. One example is Xylose, which is further processed to sweetener.


Beech wood is being barked, cut up and cooked with sulfide under pressure until the so-called cellulose develops. After a cleaning process this cellulose is chemically treated with a 18% caustic soda. This syrup-like viscose is stirred and cooled and pressed through shower-like nozzles with a speed of 50-150 meters, and in a so-called drop bath then the firm filament hardens.

Now the fiber in its wet condition is mechanically stretched to reach its final thickness and then rolled up on a coil (continuous filament). All used chemicals are washed carefully from the fiber and brought back to the production cycle.

In contrast to viscose the Lenzing Modal® fiber shows firmness in wet and dry conditions, furthermore it is extraordinarily resistant against stretching. Lenzing succeeded to obtain and even exceed the firmness level of cotton by the use of regenerated cellulose material. Therefore the Lenzing Modal® fiber is the perfect partner for Chillaz.

Ultimate Softness

For more than 40 years now Lenzing Modal® like no other fiber stands for pure luxury and softness on the skin. This fiber remains still soft even after many washings and loses neither gloss nor color brilliance. Due to its little fiber stiffness Lenzing Modal® is a natural softener. The smooth surface of the Modal fiber prevents the deposit of lime in the textile as well as grasp hardening after several washings

Highest colour brillance

Lenzing Modal® lets colours shine. After 25 washings the color remains still brilliant and intensive. Grey discoloration does not occur – in contrast to 100 % cotton textiles. The fiber is particularly ecological when it is coloured. Therefore reduced quantities of chemicals have to be used for the production of Lenzing Modal.

The optimal partner for mixing

The cross section of the Lenzing Modal® fiber is similar to cotton and thus makes the fiber an optimal mixture partner. The uniformity of the yarn is increased, the colour brilliance is improved and grey discoloration is lowered clearly.


Lenzing Modal® is also available in a Micro option. This extra fine fiber makes textiles even lighter. MicroModal® is the finest one under the cellulose fibers. Ten thousand meters of this Micro fiber weigh only one gram. Mixtures with finest materials such as silk and cashmere do result in finest and lightest textiles never seen before.

Chillaz and Lenzing Modal®

Since 2004 now we have been using special mixtures from Lenzing Modal® and cotton for our T-Shirts and Sweaters. This mixture makes our products soft and increases their colour brilliance. The wet-strength is optimized and guarantees our customers longevity of the products. By using Lenzing Modal® we can do without lots of chemicals. That’s our contribution to ecology - Made in Austria.