Chillaz Story


Tyrol is mostly breathtaking mountains, spectacular climbing and fantastic skiing. Chillaz was born here, in Tyrol´s rock walls. Under these mountains we will always live and work, no matter how global the world goes: strong roots for healthy growth.


They said it was impossible. Not knowing that, we simply went out and did it.
A bunch of mountaineers set out to search for climbing clothes they are happy with even in the maddest, wildest moments out there. Not satisfied with what was available, we decided to create our own. Like a chef, we started experimenting, mixing only the best ingredients, put in all our experience and gallons of heart´s blood. And that’s what we still do, we keep testing ever new variations of top-notch fibers, to enter every season with superior fabrics and new, fresh designs. Giving you clothes you can rely on, even in your most ambitious projects.


Pushing your limits is important, but respecting them is healthy. We hold deep respect for the environment we live in and the people who are part of the Chillaz family. We thrive on integrity and transparency, building on a good portion of common sense rather than greenwashing campaigns. That means short distances and resource-efficient production, using mainly natural, sustainably produced fibers. Of course, that implies much extra costs and efforts. But we want to share the values we create with the world.

Ulf Kattnig

The Story

It all started with Ulf Kattnigs time in Hong Kong, shortly after completing a trade academy and three semesters of business study. As an intermediary between designers and production, he whirled around restlessly. "For sports fashion, for climbing, one would have to create own fabrics," he had suggested one day. Too expensive, not necessary, it was said.

Itching in his fingers - making it himself. The idea lured, sat down. Together with his friend Florian Proxauf, back home in Tyrol, they have realized this idea in 2001. It should be a quiet brand. The path should be kept short between design, prototype and production. Manageable. Familiar, in a sense.

In 2004, his partner Florian left and finished his law degree with success and continued to accompany the Chillaz family as a lawyer.


The name "Chillaz" is derived from "chill out, relax, quiet" and the great climbing area "Zillertal".

What does Chillaz stand for?

Honesty, inovation and great materials. We want to produce clothes that you prefer to wear every day, even if they have already seen better days.


2001 Founding year

Chillaz was founded in 2001 by Ulf Kattnig and Florian Proxauf, in their basement near Innsbruck.


Sandra Kattnig (formerly Emmer), joined the company in 2003

The first collection of women is on the market

Florian Proxauf leaves Chillaz in 2004

Tencel® / Modal enters the collection

The denim climbing pants become a success

2005 Tomas Mrazek

Our first world champion finds his place into the Chillaz team

2006 Ispo Brand New Award

Winner of the Ispo Brand New Award for our first winter collection

2009 Outdoor Award

Winner of the Outdoor Award in Friedrichshafen for our crashpad Boulder 2011Air


2013 Stefan Fürst joins the Chillaz family

2014 Highlight - Kilian Fischhuber joins
the Chillaz sponsoring team


New denim pants enter the Chillaz collection and expand the collection by another success story


Chillaz goes USA