The cotton plant is part of the family of mallow plants. It is very demanding concerning climatic conditions: it needs a lot of sunshine and approx. 200 frost-free days in order to fully ripe into the fruit. In addition it needs more than 500 mm of rain per year for a tidy growth. Cotton grows as a one year's plant and becomes 1 to 2 meters high.

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The basis for TENCEL® is eucalyptus wood solely grown in sustainable forestry. Eucalyptus is an interesting raw material, as it is fast growing and can be planted for industrial use in so called “wood farms”- without artificial irrigation or genetic engineering. It is an evergreen plant and can grow up to 40 meters.

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Lenzing Modal® is made of beech wood and thus consists of 100 % nature. The secret of success is pure beech cellulose. The cellulose manufactured in Lenzing is won from domestic woods and used for the production of Lenzing Modal. Highest fiber quality is guaranteed by a control of the entire production process - from the wood to the fiber.

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